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Switching Careers to Live Your Best Life

I believe there are chapters of life, and I just ended one and am ready for the next one. It was long coming. 

As a young girl, I used to live and dream of nothing but a creative lifestyle, thought I’d travel the world to bring great stories to people. Instead, I went down the path of a conventional life. For years, I felt like I was living in the body of someone else and wanted to break free. The predictability and security of conventional living is like a drug, and breaking away from it caused a withdrawal effect followed by relapses. My mind, my doubts and my fears, turned turned out to be my biggest enemies.

Luckily, (yes, luckily!) last summer I felt miserable enough that even my worst fears wouldn’t stop me. So I set THE CHANGE in motion and started taking my first transition steps. And this year, I look forward to the recovery of my true self, growth, adventure, and freedom of my soul.

Great things are coming!

Here’s the link to the video: SWITCHING CAREERS To Live Your Best Life.